Where to Go When you need places to buy moving boxes

Looking for places to buy moving boxes? Come to Hunter Oaks Storage!


Moving is a stressful event that takes lots of coordination. Why make moving more difficult than it needs to be by searching all over town for places to buy moving boxes? Come to us for your moving supply needs, and we will make your search for moving supplies much easier.  

Low quality boxes can potentially break and damage your possessions! The last thing you want while you’re moving is a box that breaks and spills out its contents. Our boxes are high quality and will protect your possessions at a low cost! At our management office located at the PakMail store, we sell moving boxes at many sizes, including small, medium, large, wardrobe, and specialty. We also sell other moving supplies you will need for you move, including packing tape, packing materials, mattress covers, sofa and chair covers, markers, and labels. Our packing materials are also high quality and priced competitively, just like our boxes. We are one of the best places to buy moving boxes!

If you are unsure what supplies you will need for your move our staff will help you pick out the size and number of boxes that suit your needs best. We will also recommend any other supplies you may need to make your move easier. Many places that sell moving supplies don’t have this type of customer service, which is why you should come to us when you are looking for places to buy moving boxes. We offer boxes at a high level of quality, low prices, and offer the advice and assistance you need when buying boxes and other supplies for your move. So are you looking for places to buy moving boxes? Come see us today!

Management Office:
PakMail of San Marcos

102 Wonder World Dr. Ste 304, San Marcos, TX. 78666
Phone: (512) 393 3420
Fax: (512) 393 3422
Email: pakmail_sanmarcos@yahoo.com

HWY 123 Storage

2970 Hwy 123, San Marcos, TX 78666
Phone: (512) 392 9201
Fax: (512) 393 3422
Email: hunteroaksstorage@gmail.com

Cottonwood Creek

2061 Clovis R Barker Rd
Phone: 512-423-0523
Fax: (512) 393 3422
Email: hunteroaksstorage@gmail.com